Seven Wonders

This week in Conectados is the time to face one of the greatest challenges…
The Seven Wonders

For years, the greatest explorers risked their lives to travel the greatest wonders of the world. We will look for the Seven Wonders of Conectados.
Each team will have to find the valuable items and to do that they will need their cleverness.

The first step is to find the team members. We recommend to create communication links, could be an email group, a Whatsapp chat, a video call, whatever you find most useful.

Them you will see a the list of wonders that you will have to find. To prove that you found them, you will need evidence. At the bottom of this page, there is a form to submit the evidence.

Keep in mind that the coordination among your team members is vital to successfully complete your mission.

You will have time to provide all the wonders until July the 14th.