The Search of Nay

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is in the news all over the world today, and not necessarily because of good news. A national treasure of Peru, the Head of Nay, one of the greatest pre-Columbian relics in the world, was stolen.

The theft occurred during the night, at the Finnish National Gallery, when this, among other Inca relics, were being prepared to be put on display in a temporary exhibition.

Finnish National Gallery is the largest art museum institution of Finland. It consists of the Ateneum art museum, the museum of contemporary art, Kiasma and the Sinebrychoff Art Museum.

The organization's functions are supported by the conservation department, the administration and services department and Kehys, the art museum development department.

This hasn’t reached the press yet, but the security cameras registered famous thief Parrot on the scene. We lost track of him afterwards, but we do know that he entered the country with a fake passport issued in Peru.

Luckily, during the theft, he dropped his mobile phone. We hope this piece of evidence will help us locate him.

We need to find Parrot as soon as possible, before this incident affects the diplomatic relations between Finland and Peru.

What’s the code to unlock the phone?